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Things I would like in an online social network.

1) There should be badges one can unlock when they reach various achievements on the site. For example...

a) Bloggee badge when you have actively blogged weekly for a whole year.

b) Tawheed badge when you have attended and successfully completed the tawheed webinar and become certified. This could work for any certifications.

c) Friendship badge when you are active on 80 percent of your friends boards for a number of months.

d) Group leader badge when you create and keep a group active for a number of months.

e) Generosity badge when you make a donation to dawahshare.

f) Hajji badge when you complete hajj.

g) etc.

2) Bios should be checked by admin and people should have to verify their identities by showing an official id from their country of residence.

3) There should be online courses one can take for free (too learn and earn badges)

4) One should only be able to friend mahrams of the opposite gender and people of the same gender.

5) unique email addresses for users.

6) no pictures of animate beings allowed. (as it is haraam)

7) more to come...
Jason Blair
VP Commercial
Assalamu Alaykum Team
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