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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

It has been a month since Ramadaan. Allah has blessed us with opportunities to earn His rewards and good pleasure. The Day of Eid was a great celebration during which we praised and thanked Allah for His blessing upon us.

In an attempt to keep up the spirit of Ramadaan, we should have fasted the six days of Shawwal. In the hadith collected by Muslim, the Prophet (Saw) said, “whoever fasts Ramadaan and follows it up with six days of Shawwal, it will be as if he fasted the entire year.” The reward for merely fasting a few days extra is great, and Allah has given us the chance to pile up these rewards.

Despite this opportunity, of extra rewards, some of us may feel a little disorientated in regards to our ibaadah. The month of Shawwal is coming to an end, and some of us find ourselves going back to our old ways. The training we gained in Ramadaan is fast wearing-off, and we find ourselves slipping into old norms and routines.

Throughout the month of Shawwal, we should have focused ourselves on maintaining our good habits which we learned during Ramadaan. But after a month of ‘freedom’ it is easy to fall off track.

The good news is, Dhul-Hijjah is fast approaching. With just over a month to go, it is another time for peaked imaan. For those who are intending to perform hajj, the way is paved with preparation. Mentally, physically and emotionally, preparation must be made. Apart from packing suitcases and buying ihram, one who is intending to go for hajj must educate themselves on the rites of hajj. For those of us who will not be going this year, it will be an opportunity to re-boost our imaan, by fasting the first ten days, and engaging in thikr and duaa.
Though the ten days will pass by very quickly, it will be an opportunity to pick up where you left off from Ramadaan, a chance to fix up any mistakes. We will lament its passing, yet, it is from the blessing of Allah that He has given us several opportunities in the year to re-charge. After the passage of Dhul-Hijjah, we will begin the cycle again. We will look forward to a new year, beginning with Muharram, during which we are blessed with ‘Ashura. Then we will prepare for Ramadaan.

These Islamic events carry importance in our lives, and we look forward to them. Though we may not witness the next one, we must always be positive; Allah has still blessed us with the three white days. In accordance with the Sunnah we also have Mondays and Thursdays, and if anyone wants to they can follow the example of Prophet Dawud, and fast every other day. So it is not all bleak. It is not a dead end. Time and time again we are granted opportunities to get closer to Allah, and keep up the good we learnt from Ramadaan.
The future is bright, if we just opened our eyes, and focused on the blessings and opportunities that Allah has granted us.

Bibi Zainab Dowlut,
Editor-in-Chief, AAT.
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