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The Reality of ISIS - The Islamic State

The Reality of ISIS:
The mass Syrian revolt has been continuing for years now, reducing the country to rubble. Its population; innocent victims caught in the onslaught, are the ones bearing the heaviest consequences. As their homes are bombed, their relatives and themselves are murdered in cold blood, and their lives falling to pieces, they remain in a state of dire need. Muslims around the world, unsure of the future of the ummah, are left with two alternatives. Either, to watch the suffering in silence, or to help by any means possible. The second option naturally includes joining the opposition against President Bashar Assad. Though seemingly a great opportunity for jihad (Striving in the cause of Allah) and Shaheed (martyrdom), the question arises, who is the opposition, and what are they doing?
Unfortunately many muslim youth from across the globe have made their way into Syria, without checking the authenticity of the claims of khalifah by the active groups. In Britain, the Government has raised concerns over fear for such individuals becoming ‘radicalised.’ In other countries, governments have warned their citizens of travelling to the area. Nonetheless, long before the Governments took such a stance, the scholars already expressed their views. Knowing that the Free Syrian Army, had plenty of manpower and support from its own people, they advised against those abroad joining the fight, as it could impede the movement. True to the scholars’ foresight; outsiders joining in this war have supported factions of the movement which do not stand for justice, thereby impeding its progress. The movement was in need of medical supplies, financial aid and people’s duaa.
The Free Syrian army is a movement working to oust President Bashar, who is known to have committed crimes against his own people. The revolt factions have become a united front with one simple objective; i.e. the removal of the current President. However, more recently, revolt forces have witnessed the uprising of ISIS, also known as Da’esh, a so-called Islamic Revival faction, whose leaders are claimants to titles such as Khalifah, and Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen. Whilst they declare such glorious titles, the reality on the ground is much more sinister. Despite their popularity, the rising of such a faction has seen internal quarrel and bloodshed within those that stand for change. Muslim youth who have joined the Syrian conflict often succumb to the revolution and ‘Khalifah’ façade painted by ISIS, without knowing that ISIS, is suggested to work for Bashar Assad himself, if not, then they are heavily infiltrated by his supporters.
ISIS is a ‘self-elected’ organisation, seeking to impose khilafah, by obliging other factions within Syria to give them the pledge of allegiance, rather than using a consultation process (shura). It has waged war against such revolt forces thereby stalling progress, and creating division. Arbitrators, innocent civilians and aid workers have also been targeted amidst the chaos. Despite this, reports from various sources highlight the increase in ISIS’ popularity. Many have joined their ranks, unaware of the truth of their actions. It is upon us to reveal the truth, to bring to light the injustice in order to end such oppression.
Whilst the scholars are ignored, how can we ever hope to find peace and justice? Did those that joined ISIS and their likes refer to the Quraan and Sunnah, as it was implemented, explained and interpreted by the Sahabah, the Tabi’een and those nearest to them in resemblance, (the scholars)? Regrettably, members of ISIS and those who support them do not recognise the Syrian scholars, claiming they have been caught in the political web or are puppet creations. However, it is not only Syrian Scholars, calling for an end, internationally scholars have realised the truth about ISIS.
A joint statement by forty seven-scholars of Saudi Arabia, regarding the workings of ISIS highlights the impermissibility of taking another muslim’s life, “There is no act the punishment for which has been mentioned more sternly than that of killing a believer intentionally where a collection of five severe retributions have been listed; “But whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell; wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him, and has cursed him, and has prepared for him a great punishment.” (Surah Nisaa 4:93)
Another united statement by Scholars of Aleppo Front, illustrates the crimes committed by ISIS, “accusations of takfeer (disbelief), their shedding of inviolable blood without second thought, kidnappings and document armed robberies of weapons and ammunitions from other rebel factions, their refusal to allow the Shari’ah to arbitrate between them and other factions, and sowing the seeds of discord amongst between fighters. ISIS’ takfeer often extends to the entire population of Syria.”
Scholars are in unanimous agreement that ISIS’ actions are in disagreement with the Sharia’ah. Their actions are oppressing the people further. Such agreement between a vast range of scholars, should awaken the hearts of sincere individuals who have joined ISIS without prior knowledge. Syria’s future is uncertain in the face of the uprising of ISIS, and muslims who have joined them should think twice about the consequences of their actions, not only in this world, but also in the life to come.

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