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Our Goals
Assalamu Alaykum Team is an organisation which focuses on achieving in the following three areas;
1) To Establish an international academy to educate propagators of Islam (Da’ees) and reverts in Islam.
2) To license professional propagators of Islam (Da’ees), giving them international legitimacy.
3) To provide a professional network of multi-dimensional avenues for propagators of Islam (Da’ees) to propagate Islam internationally.

Our Mission
Mission Statement

‘To educate, license and support professional propagators of Islam (Da’ees) in the task of propagating the Message of Islam internationally.’
Assalamu Alaykum Team (AAT) is a non-profit organization based in Saudi Arabia which educates others to convey Islam in a proper manner. The organisation works in cooperation with internationally recognized Du’aat and Islamic educational and propagating bodies from around the world. AAT sets up initiatives to help Muslims enrich their knowledge whilst qualifying propagators to invite Non-Muslims to the true message of Islam.

Our Vision
Vision Statement

‘To propagate the message of Islam internationally’ based on the last revelation sent down by our Creator (the Quraan) and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw).’

AAT is dedicated to spreading the word of Allah and inviting people to the true message of Islam. In order to do this we train da’ees and license them by equipping them with the tools and methods necessary to convey the message effectively and accurately. We also remind Muslims of their duty to fulfil their responsibility of da’wah and their obligation to seek knowledge. As the prophet (saw) said “Convey from me, even if it is one ayah ”, and in another narration He (saw) said, “Seeking knowledge is incumbent upon every muslim male and female. ”Through an educated and active community of da’ees we aim to reach as many non-muslims as possible and present the perfection of Islam.

Our Objectives
We aspire to create an organisation devoted to supporting da’ees, mad’ooween (invitees), and new-muslims. We hope to create a da’wah training curriculum, at beginner’s level, advanced and master level. We are also working on creating a children’s syllabus to prepare them to be leaders of the Ummah. Our ‘Females Affairs’ section is committed to designing material for sister’s only webinars and events, to educate the women; the backbone of this ummah.